Hello, friend! My name is Sarah Q and I've been telling stories through photography for more than 15 years. That's me up there with the pink hair. See that bus behind me? That's MY HOUSE! Oh, and that cute baby? He's mine, too. Kiddo number four, born for adventure! Since 2015, my husband and I, our four kids and the world's sweetest dog have been traveling around North America, meeting new friends, exploring new places and photographing smiling faces from coast to coast. Our tiny bus house allows us to work with anybody, anywhere in the United States and I'd love to work with you, too! Need some new family portraits or a gorgeous new headshot for your website? Want some snuggly photos with your significant other or some product photos for your online business? No matter where you live or what your photography needs are, I'm your girl! Don't see your city or state on my travel schedule? Send me an email and let's find a way to add it!



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