a sign from the universe

Story time!

A few months back, I decided I wanted to buy a scooter. No, not the kind you stand on and push around with your foot because duh, I’m not six years old. 😂 I wanted one of those vintage-looking, Vespa style scooters that come in pretty colors. You know, those cute little mopeds that Italian ladies wearing polka-dotted scarves drive. (I’ve never been to Italy, but this is what I imagine. I’m probably wrong. Anyway, moving on.) 

So, I’m sitting in our bus house (we live in a bus that we converted into an RV!) and I decide to search the area we’re in to see if anybody is selling any scooters nearby. We’re in a small town in Washington state, so I’m not expecting to find much, but within seconds, I FIND THE PERFECT FREAKIN’ SCOOTER. It’s a baby pink, vintage style Stella and it is adorable. 

I message the seller to see if it’s still available and it is. 

I go see it in person it’s so cute and so perfect, I literally want to hug it.

I have a photo shoot scheduled for later that night in that same small town, so I tell the owner if I make enough money from that shoot to buy it, I’ll be back the next day with cash. He wishes me luck and says that he’ll hold it for me.

My shoot goes great and at the end of the ordering session, when I add up the total amount due, I almost can’t even believe it. 

$1700. The exact amount I need to buy my scooter.

What are the odds, you guys?! What are the odds I would find the exact scooter I want, in the exact color I want, for the exact amount of money I just made, in a tiny town I’d never even heard of before that week?! 

After three years of struggling and barely getting by, THE UNIVERSE WAS FINALLY ON MY SIDE! “I totally manifested this,” I thought! I put my wishes out into the universe, and the universe listened! ALL I HAD TO DO WAS BELIEVE IN MYSELF! All those books I read and rolled my eyes at were right! It’s the law of attraction! SO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!

The stars had aligned and it was a sign.

The sign I had been waiting for.

A sign that told me everything was going to work out. That the universe had my back. 

We’d been traveling full time for almost four years at this point, and as much as I absolutely loved our lives on the road, it was difficult. Until I raised my prices in 2018, we were barely making enough to get from city to city. Sometimes we’d be parked for days, waiting for a payment to come in before we could get gas and get back on the road. We were living our dream lives as full time travelers, adventuring with our kids to all the most beautiful places, but being broke was a constant stress that kept us second guessing all our decisions. 

Finding this scooter and then making the exact amount of money I needed to buy it from just one portrait session? THIS was my sign that I was doing things right. Finally.

Then my adorable scooter FELL OFF THE FUCKING BUS.

How’s that for a sign?! 😂

We were sitting at a red light when Henry said “what’s that sound?!” Just then, people started honking at us and trying to get our attention. I looked out my driver’s side window and a man yelled “YOU’RE DRAGGING YOUR SCOOTER!”

Fuuuuuuuuuuuck. 😭

Apparently when we left our camp spot, we didn’t secure it good enough, so a mile down the road when we hit a bump, it flipped itself upside down and was hanging on by one measly strap. Without realizing it, we were dragging my $1700 sign from the universe down the damn street, leaving it completely undriveable and not nearly as adorable. 

And that’s when I realized …


Or you. 

Or anybody else.

Shit happens. Good shit. Bad shit. Hilariously ironic shit. Frustrating shit. Life is full of all kinds of shit and all you can really do is roll with it. 

Having enough money to buy that scooter wasn’t a sign from the universe. It was the result of me busting my ass for four years to build a clientele all over the US and raising my prices high enough to afford it. The scooter falling off the bus wasn’t a sign that I was doing anything wrong. (Except maybe tightening those damn straps.) It was just a shitty accident. 

So, friends, if you’re waiting for a sign, STOP. 

If you’re waiting for the stars to align, STOPPP IT.

Feel like the universe is working against you? IT’S NOT. But it’s also not going to work FOR you. 

If you want things to change, YOU have to make that happen. Sometimes it’ll be great. Sometimes it’ll suck. And when shit goes wrong, shrug it off and keep on going. 

As for me, I’m gonna buy a new scooter. Screw you, universe!

genuine Stella pink scooter

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